Our Areas Of Practice

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The Slaughter Law Firm has been helping clients for over 21 years in various areas of law. If you need a lawyer in the Bristol, Tennessee area, we can help! Here are our primary areas of practice and what they entail.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law covers cases involving injuries to a person’s body, mind, and even emotions. The injuries are a result of something done by another person. Common examples include car accidents, work accidents, slip or fall injuries, assault, dog bites, and even medical malpractice. If you also have experienced trauma and are unsure whose fault it is, a personal injury lawyer can help.

Criminal Law

Criminal law involves those who committed, experienced, or have been accused of a crime. The two standard terms used in criminal law are misdemeanor and felony. Misdemeanors are known as lesser crimes in comparison to others. Felonies are heinous crimes in comparison to misdemeanors. If you are accused of either, contact a lawyer immediately.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers injuries or accidents that occur in the workplace. Every employee has to have insurance to cover for these types of accidents. If your accident leaves you with emotional, social, or physical disabilities or injuries, workers’ compensation is an option for you. It is nice to have an attorney to walk you through this process, in case it becomes awkward with your employer. You are entitled to rights if you are injured at your place of work.

Social Security Disability

You can qualify for social security disability if you have sustained a disability that prevents you from working for at least 12 months. This can include mental and physical disabilities. The application process can quickly become complicated, so having a lawyer help you navigate it will avoid future headaches. In case you need to appeal the decision, you will need a lawyer as well.

Tax Matters

If you are selling, starting, or buying a new business, an attorney can help with your taxes. Also, if you are leaving property or money to heirs, it’s wise to consult a tax attorney.

Probate Matters

A probate lawyer helps deal with estates or trusts. The last will addresses probate matters, which a lawyer can assist with. There are a lot of things required of will executors. An attorney will help your executor.

Domestic Matters

Domestic matters include divorce, marriage, and domestic partnerships. In addition, it can consist of adoption, surrogacy, abduction of child, alimony, settlements, custody, visitation, spousal or child abuse, and more. Things involving families and children can be uncomfortable or difficult. Your lawyer is there to try to make the process easier and help fight for your rights.

Employment Law

Employment law includes anything related to employment. This determines how an employee and employer work together. It consists of the hiring process, wages, benefits, Family Medical Leave (FMLA), and employment discrimination. In addition to workplace safety, privacy, job loss, and whistleblowers.

If you need assistance in any of the areas listed above, we can help! Frankie Slaughter Jr. has over 21 years of experience and vows to put the client first. We offer a hands-on approach, personal touch, flexibility, and friendly staff to assist you. We recognize the difficulty of any of these circumstances and want to help. In other words, we know it’s hard! For more information, visit us online here or call us at (423) 844-0560 today. We are here to support you!