When to Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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After getting into an accident that leads to injuries, you may wonder whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer or even when you should. Your decision should be informed by several considerations like:

The Severity of the Injury

Not all injuries require representation by a lawyer. If the injury you sustained was minor and you have enough time to work on claims on your own, you may choose not to hire a lawyer. However, it is important to get a lawyer by your side for injuries that necessitated hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, orthopedics, cosmetic work, and chiropractic work. Any injury whose pain lasts for days leads to medical expenses and missed days at work is worth hiring a lawyer for.

The Injury was Caused by Someone Else

Proving legal fault calls for the application of high standards of evidence. If you believe that another person’s negligence caused the accident that led to your injuries, you need to consult a lawyer to strengthen your claim.

For Insurance Negotiations

Insurance companies have skilled adjusters tasked with mitigating liability. Should an insurance company representative call you to ask for recorded statements, your story, medical records, and other information regarding your accident, you need a lawyer. An excellent personal injury lawyer will handle the tricks used by insurers to avoid liability and aggressively negotiate to get you the maximum settlement.

When the Insurance Company Refuses to Give you a Reasonable Compensation

Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their bottom line and are hence famous for low ball settlements. An experienced personal injury lawyer will see to it that the responsible insurer does not unreasonably delay or even deny your claim, and will engage financial experts and medical practitioners to calculate the cost of your injuries and claim a worthy settlement on your behalf.

The Sooner, the Better!

Regardless of how simple you feel your injury case is, it’s good you always seek a medical check up and engage a personal injury attorney. Slaughter Law Firm is ready to get you started with a free case evaluation for your personal injury that you understand your legal options. We are excellent insurance negotiators and expert litigators.