What Is Employment Law?

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Has something happened at your job where you potentially need the help of a lawyer? If so, a deeper understanding of employment law can help. Here is an outline of employment law and why a lawyer is essential in these matters.

Employment Law

Employment law is the branch of law that covers the ins and outs of employee rights. Also, it includes employer rights, as well. The laws are put in place to ensure environmental safety and fair treatment. Different areas fall under the general term employment law. These are the most common.


In the 1960s and ’70s, laws dedicated to discrimination were put in place by Congress. Employment discrimination is a law that prohibits employers from treating workers differently based on personal attributes. This has nothing to do with job performance and is based on the person. It is a law that you cannot be denied a job or safety at your job because of gender, race, ethnicity, skin color, pregnancy, religion, disability, and even age. In addition to political affiliation, marital status, and gender orientation. If you feel that you are being mistreated at your workplace because of any of these factors, you should contact an attorney. A lawyer is well equipped to deal with these types of situations and can help you file a claim.

Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment constitutes any unwanted behavior directed towards someone in a sexual manner. This includes unwelcomed sexual advantages, requests for sexual favors, and both verbal and physical actions as well. In addition, it includes offensive comments based on someone’s gender. Your employer also cannot ask you for any sexual favors in exchange for anything. That is illegal and needs to be reported. Sexual harassment doesn’t just happen to women; men also experience it. If you work in a hostile environment due to sexual harassment, seek legal advice. A lawyer knows how to file a claim against a fellow employee, employer, and even a company as a whole.

Worker’s Compensation

If you experienced an injury on the job, you could qualify for worker’s compensation. Your employer has insurance in place for any accidents that happen on workplace grounds. It doesn’t matter how good of a relationship you have with your employer; they ultimately have to protect the company—another reason why you need a lawyer. Your attorney’s job is to make sure you are taken care of by your employer in the best way possible.

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