Top Questions About Employment Law

 In Employment Law

When you’re in business, it’s easy to have questions about employment law. There are a number of laws in place that govern the relationship between your business and your employees. At The Slaughter Law Firm, we’re here to address the top questions that you have.

What can I ask during a job interview?

There are a number of laws that focus on discrimination and what you are and aren’t able to ask when you’re interviewing someone. It’s important not to focus on their age, religion, sexual preference, or background. Otherwise, you could easily face legal problems if you choose not to hire the person.

How do employment contracts work?

Employment contracts are in place to protect both you and your employees. In some instances, there may be a breach of contract from either side. The contracts will talk about conduct, pay, and other details. It’s important to keep employment contracts on file, especially to be able to use in a court of law if an employee decides to sue you about something.

How is it possible to avoid wage and hour issues?

One of the biggest problems that employees have with their employees is regarding their wages. It’s important that you follow Fair Labor Practices. Everything that a person is owed must be paid to them. This includes overtime, commissions, bonuses, and anything else that they have rightfully earned. Although you may not like to pay overtime, for example, it is illegal to withhold hours from one week to push them into another week.

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