Why Hire a Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney After a Public Slip and Fall

 In Personal Injury Law

You may be more embarrassed than anything when you slip and fall. But that embarrassment can quickly turn to anxiety if you’ve suffered a serious injury. You may wonder about how to pay for medical bills or whether your injury could prevent you from day-to-day activities and hobbies that you love. You may also want to prevent the same injury from happening to others.

These concerns are great reasons why you should contact a Tennessee personal injury attorney if your slip-and-fall accident happened in a public area, store, restaurant or other business. Government officials or private property owners have an obligation to keep their lands and buildings safe for others.

A spill that causes a slick surface must be cleaned up or the danger must be made apparent to passers-by. Likewise, walkways, railings and parks must be maintained properly to prevent harm to those who use them. Failure to post adequate signage warning of an issue or taking steps to fix a damaged area makes the owner or manager of that space responsible for the injury you sustained.

What should you do if you slip and fall? Your first responsibility is to make sure you have adequate emergency medical care. Once you’ve called for medical assistance, report the accident to a manager, employee, worker or even the police. If you can, take photos of the area where your fall occurred and ask those who witnessed the accident to write down their contact information and initial observations about what happened.

It’s best if you don’t make any statements to employees or, later, to friends or on social media. First, speak with an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney about your accident and what your options may be.

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