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When faced with an unscrupulous employer, many Tennesseans are confused about where to turn for help. This is understandable because many of them don’t know or understand that Tennessee employment law is very strong and effective.

Discovering your employer has been less than honest with you, abused your rights, or cheated you out of money or time creates a lot of stress. It can lead to everything from a poor home life to physical ailments, or even a hostile work environment.

Fortunately, you have options available to you through the Tennessee employment law.

Tennessee Employment Law is There to Help and Protect You

The first thing to understand is you don’t have to “put up with it.” Remember, if you have a problem at work that is important to you, then it should be equally important to your employer as well.

Both you and your employer have rights. You might have heard your employer can fire you at any time and for any reason, and not have to provide severance pay.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Your employer may not fire you in retaliation. For example, if you are in the military reserve, you can’t be fired for attending your mandatory drill meetings. You also can’t be fired for:

  • Filing a worker’s compensation claim
  • Speaking to union representation
  • Reporting your employer for violation of any of the employment laws of Tennessee

Tennessee Employment Law is One of Our Specialties

The Slaughter Law Firm has a tremendous amount of expertise in dealing with Tennessee employment law. We have had numerous successful resolutions for our clients who had their rights violated by employers.

Frankie Slaughter, Jr. was born and raised in a legal family. His father was also an attorney and a Sullivan County circuit court judge. He is a highly regarded attorney located in Bristol, Tennessee. Having worked on a wide variety of cases, he is an expert on how to navigate the court system and present your situation thoroughly and competently.

A native Tennessean, he understands and cares about his community. He has invested his entire life here.

Look, we understand the stress you are going through when you have to confront your employer about violations of Tennessee employment law. If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to call us.

There is no reason you should face the legal system alone and without expert representation.