Winning a Social Security Disability Claim in Tennessee

 In Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration offers valuable benefits to people who suffer from an illness or injury for longer than one year. The SSA pays a benefit that is a portion of their paycheck. You may be eligible to receive checks from the Social Security Administration if your Social Security Disability claim meets the following criteria:

  • You’ve worked long enough to earn enough points.
  • Your illness will last for one year or longer.
  • Your illness is severe.
  • Your doctor verifies that information.
  • Your illness is on the list of qualifying conditions.
  • Your functionality prevents you from earning sufficient income.

You may collect Social Security Disability benefits in Tennessee if you meet all the above conditions. Frankie Slaughter can help you complete the application and then work with you through the entire process. You can save a lot of hours and heartache if you hire a lawyer from the beginning. Many pitfalls and rejections can happen in a Social Security Disability claim. You can stay ahead of the process by having an expert on your side who can get around the obstacles that may be in the way. A lot of Social Security Disability claims get turned down for reasons like:

  • Insufficient information
  • High functionality
  • Lack of simultaneous symptoms
  • Unlisted illness
  • Incomplete paperwork
  • Poor documentation from the physician

With a proficient attorney on your side, you can feel confident about your paperwork. The lawyer will review it and make sure that everything is complete. He or she will help you fix it if it isn’t. The attorney will also communicate with the issuing organization and try to sway the party for approval the first time around.

Please allow us to help you succeed with your Social Security Disability claim. Call us and schedule a consultation to see where you stand and how we can help. We’ve been fighting for compensation for clients like you for years, and we don’t intend to stop any time soon.