Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social Security Disability is a program established by the federal government to provide financial assistance for people who cannot work due to injury or illness. It provides income, social security disability benefits, and health insurance coverage for individuals with disabilities who cannot work because of their medical condition(s).

Social Security Disability payments can be made through the SSA’s Office of Retirement and Survivors Insurance (ORSI) division. However, the number of monthly payments can vary depending on several factors. Read on to understand better.

How much will you earn from Social Security Disability?

The amount of money a person will get from Social Security Disability benefits depends on the following:

  •  How much you have earned in the past while working
  •  Age
  •  Marital status and other family compositions
  •  Whether or not there are dependents who could receive payments on your behalf

How long after applying for Social Security Disability will you get approved?

The initial application for Social Security Disability takes 30 to 60 days on average. However, exceptions depend on the complexity of your case and whether or not you appeal your original decision within the allotted timeframe (usually 60 days). The appeal process can take 100 days if you choose and follow the standard route.

What to Avoid When Your Application Gets Denied?

After making your application, it will either be accepted or denied. If you receive a denial letter from the SSA (Social Security Administration), it is important to note that you do have the right to appeal your case.

If you initially receive a denial decision and opt not to appeal your claim within 60 days, your case will not be valid. But, if you wish to keep your options open in terms of filing another claim, it’s best to file a request for reconsideration within the 60-day timeframe.

From there, you have 60 days to appeal your second denial decision with the help of an attorney or advocate, but be advised that this will cost you more money.


Social Security Disability is a type of disability insurance available to any worker who has paid into the system and experienced enough work credits. It usually takes an average of two years for one to be approved. However, you can shorten this process by hiring a reputable attorney or advocate to help walk you through the requirements needed for approval. Contact us at  (423) 844-0560  for assistance.