Reasons To Retain A Tennessee Lawyer: SSD Claims Help

 In Social Security Disability

After doing a simple search on the internet, you will discover hundreds of companies willing to assist you with your SSD claims. How do you sort through these to find someone who can give you the best representation possible? In this case, bigger is definitely not better. Instead, a local Tennessee lawyer may be best. There are many large companies willing to take down your information on computer and then file your claim.

Surprisingly, Federal laws do not require that this business employ any attorneys. You could easily be represented by someone with little or no experience at all. Many companies have discovered that they can get lucky often enough with cases won without any real effort to assist their clients. The company simply advertises and brings in as many clients as possible. The odds are, some of these cases will win and the company makes more money. Unfortunately, SSD clients of these companies could have saved their money and simply represented themselves to get equal or better representation at their disability hearings.

The Numbers Game

In some cases, attorneys will create one of these large companies, often referred to as “mills” where an attorney will personally represent you at your one-hour disability hearing, but everything else (over the course of a year or two) will be handled by non-attorneys with limited training. Many of these attorneys will brag that they personally represent over 350 clients a year. If you consider that Social Security hearings offices are closed on weekends and several holidays, these attorneys can’t be doing more than reviewing what others have prepared and then showing up at your hearing claiming to be an expert on your case. These attorneys won’t have time to truly understand the details of your case that may make all of the difference to the Judge reviewing your claim.

Local Tennessee Lawyer vs National

What if you find a law firm outside of Tennessee that claims they are prepared to give your case close personal attention? Even if they have the time, out of state attorneys are taking in cases all over the nation, and never even meeting their clients until the day of the hearing, just a few minutes before the hearing begins! Not only will your attorney be on jet lag, but in most cases, they haven’t even met your Judge. Every judge has very different expectations and preferences that can make or break a Social Security claim. Knowing the local judges and preparing for their unique requirements will put your case in the best light possible.

Hiring a local Tennessee lawyer makes all the difference. Walk into our office and talk to one of our attorneys face to face. Let us take you step by step through the claims process without worry or stress. When your hearing date comes, you won’t have to worry about whether your Attorney is fully prepared to argue your claim and help you win the benefits you deserve. Contact us today! Learn right away whether your claim will stand up to Social Security’s strict requirements. If there is a way you can win, we’ll find it!