Questions on Social Security and Disability

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If you have a disability, you already have much to deal with, and navigating the complex world of social security and its various benefits can easily seem like it is just piling unnecessary stress on top of all of it. Here are some of the most common questions people have about the benefits of social security and disability and answers to these questions provided by a legal expert.

Who is Eligible for Benefits?

Social security denotes those eligible based on how long they have worked using a credit system. In total, you need to have earned 40 credits to be eligible for benefits. You can earn up to four credits per year of work, but you need to have earned twenty credits in the last ten years to be eligible. Here is a tool from the official social security website to determine if you are eligible.

How Can You Apply?

It has become quite easy to apply for social security now that there are myriad technologies at our fingertips. You can apply online, call 800-772-1213, or visit a local office in your area.

What Documents Do I Need?

As with any government-related process, you will need a few identifying materials. These can include a birth certificate and W2 forms from the previous employment you have earned the above-mentioned credits at.  You also need to ensure you have the medical evidence of your disability officially diagnosed by a medical professional.

How Long Will The Process Take?

After providing the proper documents, you will need to undergo an interview to confirm you cannot perform your job due to your disability. This can take up to one hour. After all your documents are gathered, and the interview begins, you can expect to wait around eight months for it to complete.

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