Protect Yourself After An Injury

 In Personal Injury Law

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Fortunately, whenever you get injured due to negligence or oversight, you have solid legal grounds for seeking recourse. Sadly, the people who often fare the worst after sustaining personal injuries are the same who fail to take prompt action. Don’t waste time. Follow these five legal steps to protect yourself after an injury.


When possible, try not to exit the scene of an injury event without first documenting your surroundings. For a car accident, make sure an official police report gets filed. If you have a phone on hand, take clear and informative pictures of the scene. You also need to collect the names and contact information of any firsthand witnesses.

Medical Help

If you believe you sustained a physical injury as the result of negligence, visit a doctor immediately. A doctor will draft an official report of your condition and any related treatments required. As a result, this sets a solid foundation for your personal injury claim. Absent of this documentation, the level of discomfort you feel, and any changes in your health will only be confirmed through your personal word. Many accident victims visit the emergency room and later consult with their general physicians.

Track Expenses

Keep detailed records of your spending on treatment for your injury. These should include receipts for any medical supplies or over-the-counter medication. Keep all receipts for out of pocketing spending as well. Additionally, document the effects your injury has caused on your income and career. Your personal injury lawyer will use these to calculate a fair settlement.

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