Injured on the job? Look for help

 In Personal Injury Law

Every day you go to work, you exchange your time, skills, and services for pay.  Even though there are typically safeguards in place that will keep you from getting injured at work, accidents happen.  As an employee in Tennessee, you have a right to protection under the law and are entitled to benefits in the event you get injured on the job.  Here are some of the ways you are protected according to the State of Tennessee’s website on workers’ compensation.

Disability benefits

If your injury is consistent with the requirements and terms of compensation, you should be receiving temporary compensation benefits for missed work.  These benefits are paid by the insurer for workers compensation your employer has chosen, not the actual Bureau of Workers’ Compensation itself.  It is compulsory for an employer to have insurance.

Medical benefits

Medical treatment to recover from the injury after being injured on the job is covered in full by the employers insurer, at no cost to you and ends only when the physician decides treatment is complete or assigns a permanent disability rating.  In many cases, travel to receive treatment is also compensated with reimbursement for mileage over 15 miles.

Permanent disability benefits

The insurer will also pay for medical treatment until a Maximum Medical Improvement level has been attained.  This is determined by the treating physician.  If your injuries are impossible to recover from completely, the doctor will determine whether or not you have a Permanent Disability Rating, which would ensure you have permanent disability benefits.


Burial costs of $10,000 are paid to surviving dependents or $20,000 is paid to the estate of the deceased if they leave behind no dependents.

When to call an attorney

The system is designed to protect employees, however, in the event that an employer has left you high and dry for any number of reasons, you need to contact a skilled attorney to help you on this.  If the employer hasn’t ensured their employees, you believe there has been interference with your claim, if you have been threatened to be terminated for making a claim, or pressured to return to work without a physician’s clearance, you should consult an attorney.

Your rights are important and a good attorney can help you navigate the process after being injured on the job and make sure your rights as an employee are being respected. Contact The Slaughter Law Firm for all your legal needs.