After a Car Accident: 3 Things You Should Do

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Over 38,000 people die in road accidents every year in the United States. Accidents are also the leading cause of serious injuries, where approximately 4.4 million people seek medical treatment after car accidents. If you or your loved one get involved in a car accident due to someone’s negligence, it is imperative to know what to do to make informed decisions. Read on to learn the steps to take after a car accident.

What to do After a Car Accident

Seek Medical Help

Your health is more important than anything else. Seek medical attention immediately after the accident to determine whether you sustained injuries. Check to see if the other driver suffered injuries and help them get treated if they can’t take a step.

Collect Evidence

It is best to gather information at the accident scene immediately after a car crash. The data will help you in the future if you decide to file a compensation claim. Here are the details to collect.
•    Name and phone number of the other driver.
•    The plate number of all the cars involved in the accident.
•    Pictures and videos of the vehicles and the accident scene.
•    Date, time, and location of the accident.
•    Insurance company details of the other driver.
•    Witness statements, if any.

Once you collect the evidence, you should call the police. The police will record a statement based on what happened. Ask for a copy of the police statement and keep it safe for future use.

Speak to Your Lawyer

Some people contact the insurance company before speaking to their lawyer. This can be risky since you may not know how to express yourself to the insurance company. Any contrary information can compromise your case and affect your compensation rights. This is why it is imperative to speak to your lawyer immediately to advise you on what to do. The lawyer will investigate the accident, speak to the insurance company, negotiate your settlement and file a lawsuit in court if there is no favorable settlement with the insurance company.

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