When you need a Tax Attorney

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A tax attorney specializes in tax law and is the person to call if you are in trouble with tax authorities. This is particularly true if you are dealing with the IRS. How can an experienced tax attorney help in this situation?


If you owe the IRS back taxes, a qualified tax attorney can work with the agency to reach a settlement agreement. This lowers the amount you owe back in taxes and usually involves paying the reduced amount in a lump sum or short-term installments.


The IRS has the power to garnish your wages to cover unpaid taxes. A tax attorney can appeal the wage garnishment and show evidence explaining why it should be released immediately instead of after the tax debt is paid.


Not only does the IRS have the power to garnish your wages, but it can also place a lien on your property to cover your tax debt. An experienced tax attorney can look for grounds to appeal the claim and get it removed.


If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS can hold your refund, file a tax form for you without any credits or deductions in your favor, or assess your hefty penalties. A tax attorney can explain to the IRS why you did not file tax returns promptly and help negotiate a favorable outcome.

Tangling with any taxing authority, particularly the IRS, is stressful, particularly when you understand the powers that the IRS has to garnish wages and seize property. If you are in tax trouble, then it is time to contact us. We can help you settle back taxes, stop wage garnishment, remove a property lien, and explain unfiled returns. Our team is standing by and is ready to assist.