Tennessee Law Series: Common Questions

 In Criminal Law

Each state can put different laws into place and the federal laws that apply to all 50 states. As we wrap up this series, we want to re-visit some common questions about criminal law.

Is It Right to Speak with the Police?

It’s typically best to avoid signing anything or making any statements. In many cases, individuals are unaware that the police are investigating them. They don’t realize it until they are asked to visit the station and provide an official statement. To avoid any potential issues, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney. A reliable attorney will speak with the police on your behalf and help prevent charges from being filed. Attorneys can ultimately help you avoid giving any statements that may be used against you in court.

When Can the Police Arrest Me?

The police are only permitted to arrest citizens if they have probable cause to believe that the arrestee has committed a crime. Police officers may then make a lawful arrest and place you in custody. If they believe you won’t flee the area, they may choose to submit your case to the District Attorney’s office, who will then send a letter to you requesting your appearance in an arraignment. In other cases, the police may request your voluntary surrender while at the police station.

What Exactly Is a Preliminary Hearing?

Individuals charged with a felony will likely need to attend a preliminary hearing after arraignment and before a trial. At the preliminary hearing, the judge will determine if there’s any probable cause to believe a crime took place and whether the accused committed the crime in question. If enough facts convince the judge that the accused committed the crime, the case will go to trial.

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