Top 3 Questions Criminal Defense Attorneys Receive

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If you’ve been accused of a crime, in Tennessee, you may be wondering if you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. Well, that all depends. What are your charges? Are you comfortable not having an attorney? The fact of the matter is, 9 times out of 10, the outcome of a criminal case is better with a criminal defense attorney than without. It’s just not worth risking your future and possibly freedom on a gamble the courts will play fair and just with your life.

What if I Don’t Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

  • Best case scenario: You are appointed a public defender that has a few other clients, therefore, he or she can devote the time necessary to your criminal case. Hopefully, obtaining a somewhat acceptable outcome.
  • Worst case scenario:  You are assigned an overworked and underpaid public defender who never returns your calls and shows up to court defending you and 15 other clients on the docket that day. He or she frantically goes through your file right before your case is called and attempts to convince you the states first offer is their best offer. Your case is closed and off the public defender’s desk. He then moves on to his next client without a care in the world. Unfortunately, the outcomes of these cases are hardly ever in a client’s best interest.

How Much Will it Cost?

Many factors come into play when factoring the cost of an individual criminal defense case. Some of those factors include:

  • What are the alleged criminal charges?
  • What outcome is my client expecting?
  • How many hours are necessary to build a solid defense?
  • Does my client wish to proceed to trial?

These questions and more will be discussed in depth during your free initial consultation with the Slaughter Law Firm P.C.

When Your Future is On the Line – Don’t Settle.

Whether it’s your first criminal charge or your 5th criminal charge you deserve to have your rights protected and someone on your side looking out for your best interest. Let attorney Frankie Slaughter Jr. guide you through the criminal justice system and help you make the best decisions possible as you navigate your criminal case together. Contact our office today to set up your free consultation.