Legal Steps to Take During a Divorce

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Legal Steps to Take During a Divorce in Bristol, TN 

Tennessee law is crafted to make the divorce process inexpensive and quick. The cost of a divorce depends on how the two spouses cooperate during the process. The court will award alimony and divide marital assets if necessary during the divorce proceedings.

Requirements for Filing a Divorce in Bristol, TN

You must ensure you meet Tennessee’s needs for grounds for divorce and residency if you intend to file for divorce. To be eligible, one spouse must have lived in Tennessee for a minimum of six months before filing for a divorce.

The state recognizes no-fault and fault divorce grounds. Generally, no-fault grounds are “irreconcilable differences,” which means spouses admit they can’t resolve the conflicts they’re having in their marriage.

Fault grounds include separation for two years, abandonment for one year, adultery, and other inappropriate behavior within the marriage.

The Divorce Process

The divorce proceedings usually begin after you’ve filed a Complaint and Summons. Thereafter, your spouse receives divorce papers. You can mail the documents if your spouse consents. In case the divorce is based on fault grounds, you’ll have to prove the other spouse’s misconduct by presenting evidence like pictures of infidelity.

After the grounds are confirmed, marital assets will be divided equally after considering the value of each spouse’s property, financial needs, and the duration of the marriage. The court may also award spousal support or alimony. If there are children to support, custody, and child support will be discussed.

Waiting Period

If you don’t have children and all issues are addressed, the divorce will finalize after 60 days, but if you have children, it will take 90 days. Divorce is never easy; however, we can help. Contact us at 423-844-0560 or visit us online here for more information today on the legal process of divorce.