Legal Aid: Who is Eligible?

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While legal services are available to all people, not everybody can afford them. Legal aid is a provision that covers people who cannot pay for legal representation. Most of the people who benefit from this provision come from low-income families.

Who Offers Legal Aid?

Some organizations and attorneys provide legal aid in the US. However, many focus on particular lawsuits, such as domestic violence. Organizations receive funds from the government to provide free legal services. The government also encourages law firms to offer legal aid to those who need it.

You will find that various law firms have legal aid programs. Unfortunately, lawyers and legal societies cannot take every case on board. And this is a result of limited funding. For this reason, they only assist those who are in dire need of legal representation. These people come from impoverished backgrounds and fall within particular poverty lines.

Which Lawsuits Qualify?

Legal attorneys do not litigate in just any case. They focus on the lawsuits that revolve around domestic violence, denial of social security benefits, consumer credit problems, eviction issues, and so on.

Attorneys can also decide to take on various cases on a contingent basis. You do not need to pay any money upfront if you have a winning suit. You only pay when there is a settlement in your favor. People with strong personal injury cases and no means to pay can easily qualify for this service.

Attorneys working in private practice also dedicate a portion of their resources and time to free legal representation. These services are available for families with incomes below 125% of the federal poverty level.

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