How a lawyer can help with domestic issues

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Domestic violence charges aren’t only embarrassing; the penalties can also be devastating if you’re convicted of committing such a crime. With this in mind, it will be a good idea to seek an aggressive Bristol domestic violence lawyer to handle and help your case so that you can put this matter behind you.

At Slaughter Law Firm, we are committed to helping people accused of domestic violence file their case in court. After conducting thorough investigations, we’ll build a strong defense in your favor to help you get an acquittal that will enable you rebuild your life.

What Constitutes Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault can take various forms. For instance, psychological or emotional abuse is considered domestic violence. Also, physical abuse among family members falls into this category. This includes throwing/breaking objects, hitting, biting, attempted murder, punching, threatening, strangling, attacking and burning. Examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Monitoring of texts and phone calls
  • Disrespecting family members
  • Manipulation of words
  • Name calling
  • Cheating
  • Intimidation
  • Not listening
  • Ignoring

Your Domestic Violence Assault Defense Strategy

The most common defensive strategies include arguing the person who accused you made false allegations deliberately against you and the police detained the wrong person or you were forced to act in self-defense. Your attorney will determine the defense that will work in your case after evaluating the details of your lawsuit so that you can avoid a conviction.

Work with a Bristol Domestic Violence Lawyer

Being charged with domestic assault can disrupt your life. Schedule your case assessment with an experienced Bristol domestic violence attorney at Slaughter Law Firm. Call our offices today for free case evaluation and see how we can help.