Family Law Terms

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Family law is the area of law that encompasses a lot more than people think. It usually includes anything legal in regards to family members, children, custody, and more. If you find yourself in the area of family law, these are some terms you should know while navigating this process.

Family Law Terms

At Slaughter Law Firm, we recommend working with a lawyer on any family law cases. Your attorney will have your best interest and can ensure everything is properly documented and cared for at the end of the day. The following terms are most common in this area of law. Their definitions have been provided by Find Law and the Divorce Law Info.


Legal process in which a child’s legal rights and duties towards his natural parents are terminated and similar rights are given over towards his adoptive parents.


An allowance made from one spouse to another for support pending or after legal separation or divorce.


The dissolution of marriage in legal proceedings in which the marriage is declared null and void, as though it never occurred.

Child Support Guidelines

Each state has child support guidelines that must be followed in awarding child support.


Failure to follow a court order.

Grounds for divorce

The legal basis for a divorce. The law sets out specific reasons for a divorce, which need to be proven before the court can grant a final divorce.

Marital Property

All property acquired during marriage falls into this category. Even if the item is not titled to both names, there are some exceptions.

Uncontested Divorce

The defendant is not going to try to stop the divorce and there is nothing for the court to decide on about children, money, or property.

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