Facts about Workman’s Compensation

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How Workman’s Compensation Works

Cornel Law School, a legal information institute, defines workman’s compensation as the law that protects injured workers while in the line of duty. According to the law, injured workers are entitled to monetary awards following accident injuries, disabilities, or death.

Litigations are demanding and cost a lot of time and money. Instead, the government has put in place the worker’s compensation for the good of the employer and the employees.

Furthermore, this law doesn’t only protect employees but also their dependents in case death is involved. If you’re a workplace injury victim and looking for how to get justice, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s post, you’ll discover how workman’s compensation works as you pursue justice. So, let’s get going!

In her comprehensive article, Julian Kagan of Investopedia says, “By agreeing to receive workers’ compensation, workers also agree to give up their right to sue their employer for negligence.” In this regard, the law is meant to protect the employee and the employer alike.

Workers have a guaranteed compensation for their loss while employers are subjected to limited liability. Eventually, both parties save what could have been used in legal fees to settle all the damages.

On the contrary, there are some caveats to the workman’s compensation law. Now, you’re perhaps wondering how I mean. The law doesn’t hold in all circumstances. Therefore, you can only be compensated if you got the injuries due to your job.

For example, you’re only legible if you get injured while at your work station and not when you’re on your way to work. Ideally, it’s the complete opposite of disability insurance which pays out compensation whether a worker is injured at work or not.

Final thoughts

As an employee, it’s your right to get compensation after a work-related injury. The good news is, that’s where the workman’s compensation law comes in. If you’re wondering how to get started, feel free to contact us now.