Deciding Child Support

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Any sort of legal situation involving children can become overwhelming if not properly dealt with. Many decisions made during legal processes involving children include custody, visitation, and support. So how do the courts decide child support?

Child Support

Child support involves the monetary support that covers the child’s basic needs. Those basic needs can include:

  • Basic necessities like housing, clothing, and food
  • Education fees
  • Medical care
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College expenses

The end goal is to provide the child with the same aid they would receive if their guardians were married, together, etc.

Tennessee Laws

Child support laws are put in place by each state. Each state has a different formula they use to calculate child support. However, there are some federal guidelines that exist under the Child Support Enforcement Act that states abide by. In Tennessee, the guidelines are also based on an Income Shares model. The model establishes the dollar amount based on income. It’s based on the amount of the parents’ combined adjusted gross income and the number of children for whom the amount is being established for. Modifications will also follow if necessary. For a more in-depth look at the rules and regulations, click here for the Tenessee Secretary of State official regulations.

The best way to navigate this area of law is with the support of an attorney. Your lawyer will have an in-depth knowledge of laws within your specific state. In addition, your lawyer is there to help you and ultimately get the best result for your child(ren).

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