Common Divorce Questions and Answers

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Divorce is a sad thing but happens more than you think. Starting the divorce process can be very scary and intimidating. You don’t have to navigate it on your own. A lawyer is an excellent partner to choose during the divorce process. They can help you with each step and make it as painless as possible. If you are considering divorce, we have answered a few of the most asked questions about divorce. Check them out below.

Common Questions and Answers

How do you start the process?

This is one of the most common questions in regard to divorce. It is a difficult process and oftentimes scary to navigate alone. The first thing that has to be done to start the process is to file a divorce petition. This is something that can be done with and through your lawyer. These will be the “papers” your spouse will receive when you serve them. It includes the spouse, any children, pets, and property between the two. Drafting these papers can be done with assistance from your lawyer. They will also know how to file them with your city’s court.

How much will it cost?

This is another popular question with spouses considering divorce. This all depends on the individuals and their situation. When spouses are cordial, agree easily, and choose not to go to court, it can save them each money. Typically the more the married couple can agree, the faster and cheaper the process is. Court can become a very expensive process. If the couple chooses not to get along, doesn’t agree on anything, contests things, the process becomes more expensive. Depending on each case, there could potentially be other costs for things such as attorneys, filing fees, etc.

What happens after filing for divorce?

After you have started a divorce petition, you must wait for your spouse to receive the notice. You cannot move, move with your children, sell things, etc until your spouse is aware of the situation. Your spouse will then have a set amount of days to respond to your petition, either signing or disagreeing. This will dictate what follows next. Oftentimes, states will encourage spouses to meet with a mediator to avoid going to court. If the spouses meet with a mediator and agree on things, they can avoid court altogether. As stated before, when couples can’t agree, they will go to court.

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