Who To Call When Accused of A Crime

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The Slaughter Law Firm brings over 20 years of legal experience to their clients in Bristol, Tennessee. One of attorney Frankie Slaughter’s areas of expertise is in criminal defense. Sadly, sometimes bad things happen to good people. For more reasons that you can think of, an advocate with solid criminal law experience can make all the difference. Here is who to call when accused of a crime.

Help When You Need It

Many people find themselves needing an attorney outside of normal working hours. The Slaughter Law Firm understands this and provides contact information for night or day contact with an attorney. One of the worst mistakes a person can make is speaking with law enforcement without the presence of an attorney. Before you answer any questions or say anything, make sure you have made the call to the Slaughter Law Firm. We’ll be there immediately to make sure you aren’t saying anything that could result in more legal trouble. Frankie Slaughter also sets appointments around your schedule after hours if necessary. Providing clients with as much accommodation as possible is standard procedure at the Slaughter Law Firm.

Experience Matters

When your future is on the line, securing an attorney that has an extensive background with criminal procedure and a variety of cases is crucial. Don’t get the raw end of the deal because of inexperienced legal counsel with no background in crime. Frankie Slaughter has worked for over two decades in Bristol and knows the community, the courts, and his colleagues extensively. He puts this experience to use for his clients by fighting for their best interests every day.

Client Support

The Slaughter Law Firm has three legal assistants ready to assist clients at a moment’s notice. In addition to the outstanding service attorney Frankie Slaughter provides, the firm knows that clients need access to frequent communication. The staff at the firm will be able to handle client requests and answer any questions along the way. Frankie and his staff spend countless hours making sure each client is getting the best defense possible. This is the guarantee that every client deserves, and receives when they secure the services of the Slaughter Law Firm. Contact us here!