Annulment vs divorce: do I qualify?

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Do I Qualify for An Annulment?

An annulment and a divorce both end the same; in the termination of the marriage. That is where the similarities end however. When two people marry, they do so under the assumption that both parties are entering into the marriage willingly and honestly. A divorce happens when both parties want an end to the marriage for legitimate reasons. An annulment takes place when one or both of the parties feel that for some reason the marriage should never have happened. Getting your marriage annulled in Tennessee is a bit harder than in other states.

Both an annulment and a divorce are court ordered dissolution of marriage. Divorce lawyers have specialized legal training which allows them to maneuver through the legal world much easier than a layperson. There are very specific laws governing annulments and divorces that divorce attorneys are familiar with and can explain to you. There are several factors to qualify for an annulment. These factors may vary from state to state and change over years. A qualified divorce lawyer can tell you the current determining factors and how they apply to you.

Fraud is the major reason annulments are granted. A fraudulent marriage is one where one or both of the parties have misrepresented themselves to a staggering degree. These are the stories you hear on television about folks having multiple spouses and families and lives spread out across the country.

Another legitimate qualifier for having a marriage annulled is inebriation. If the marriage was performed when either of the parties were under the influence of alcohol or drugs it can be annulled.  Legal age and consummation are other factors. A qualified divorce lawyer can help ensure all your annulment questions are answered.  There are some other grounds for an annulment in Tennessee law including, bigamy, mental ability, and age of consent.

If you are considering having your marriage annulled, contact the Slaughter Law Firm to see if you qualify.